Rebate Information

Here to help find your new Apartment

Using Texas Apartment Rebate will make finding an apartment fast and hassle free. We are a free service to you, and using our service in no way affects rental prices, discounts , or move in specials. Our referral fee is paid by the Apartment owners for sending them qualified tenants to lease their properties. Using our apartment locator service you get the same deals and price, as finding a place on your own. What could be better, apartment experts working for you and cash back? Contact us today to get started!

How our rebate process works

Register With Us. Fill out our apartment search form, this needs to be the person signing the lease. One of our apartment specialists will customize a list of apartments that meet your specific requirements and request. Your agent will register you at the properties we send to you.

List Texas Apartment Rebate on all Guest Cards and the Lease Application when you sign your new lease: Let them know you found them through us at first contact. When you visit apartments, the leasing agent will fill out a guest card on you. Make sure that in the referral section they list Texas Apartment Rebate as the referring source.

On your lease application, make sure to write Texas Apartment Rebate and your locators name in the “Why You Rented Here” section. If leasing online and you can’t find this section, contact the leasing agent to make sure we get credit.

Report Your Lease and Claim Your Reward: Once you move in, complete the Rebate Request Form and claim your rebate. You must submit your request within 14 days of moving into your new apartment. The sooner we get this information, the faster we can process your rebate.

To qualify for your Rebate, you must:

  • You must sign a 12 month lease or longer. This is a Texas Law. If you sign a lease for less than 12 months, you will receive a $50. Please read our Information About Broker Services
  • Rental rate must be $900 or higher
  • Texas Apartment Rebate must be on the lease application and guest card
  • The apartment community must verify your lease

Is there any reason one would NOT qualify for a cash rebate or move credit?

  • You already live at the apartment property or you are renewing your existing lease.
  • You already have a relationship with the property or (in some cases) a related property that is managed or owned by the same company.
  • You are or have been employed by the apartment property or a related property.
  • You identified a source other than Texas Apartment Rebate as your referral to the property on any document or verbally to the property.
  • You have not fulfilled your lease commitment or you have not made timely rent payments.
  • You have also used Texas Apartment Rebate service within 3 months of leasing your new apartment. You cannot break your lease and move to another apartment and expect a rebate.
  • The apartment community does not work with locators (if you find them on our database, we work with them. Sometimes brand new properties may not be listed yet, but we work with them. If you are unsure, contact your locator for info.
  • If for any reason we can’t obtain our referral fee, we can’t pay you a rebate.